My friends are cooler than your friends.

Word. They do awesome shit your friends only dream of. Me? I ride their coattails. I'll be aight. ----> peep gaaaaame

Boi-1da: Who else? I’m trying to work with the Jonas Brothers. Like I’m just trying to get in with it where I fit in. You know?

XXL: Wow

Boi-1da: I don’t even care. I just, I’m just trying work with whatever, whoever, why ever, however. You know what I am saying?

XXL: You’re actually submitting to them or that’s just like a dream of yours?

Boi-1da: Yeah, they’re actually coming down to Toronto soon and we’re supposed to get in the studio.


Speakin' of Jo Bros. you see this one?

I'm just waitin til that one turns 18. Juuuuuuust waitin.

Ackee  – (September 13, 2009 at 10:06 PM)  

first of all: you're a pedo...i should have known...

secondly...where's my feature....punk.

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