Who's The Fairest Of Them All? Part 1

In lue of "Sexy Spec" and his red brief outbursts I've decided to talk about my favourite *pause* moments in Hip-Hop. In no particular order.

- Pop Champagne a.k.a. Homies Over Hoes video. Watching a whole bunch of dudes "pop champagne" on each other, open their mouths as a "friend" pours champagne in, and dance around in its' skeeting wonderfulness made me wonder why not too many people said anything about it. Hands down music-scratches-everyone-stops-to-look *pause* moment.
- B2k post break up. This was one of the best soap operas EVER. Raz and Romance (his older brother) claimed that their former manager/cousin Chris Stokes *pause* molested them and brain washed them. Then when they got enough attention they deleted the videos off of youtube. THEN the world's most SUSPECT video of Raz-B comes out saying that those videos were never ment to be put out (*note* I saw them off of Romance's, yes the brother, youtube page) and the allegations were false. Well it didn't end there folks! Fizz and Boog (the other 2 B2k members) were making a "reality" show, mysteriously around the same time. Their video has them just snapping at Raz while Chris Stokes and Romance are there where Raz tells them if he was gonna do something he'd kill them and shoot himself. At the end of it all, Raz and Chris got a song lyric "no chris, no chris, NO! Raz-B lookin' boy" and no one cared, because child molestors are bad, but not having an album, book, or lifetime movie to back it up with is even worse. *pause*

- Bow Wow's rant about people talking smack about him and his boo *excuse me* I ment his friend Omarion. I understand Shad, you want to defend your friend. That's what friends do. You, however, made it into the most flaming event. You might as well as said what you said, flicked your weave, and then dipped. Bow went off like his name was Sharifa Shaquon LaFred Alize Jackson and O was her man that just got out of jail and her mama is telling her that he ain't no good! *pause*
- Bow Wow...well...in the last year. This man thinks everyone around him is gay. He think every man wants him. Is he every gay man's dream or is his dream to be with every gay man? Personally, when you constantly speak about something in a negative manner, it makes me think you have a secret love for it. Bow wow pines to be pined by a burley man. Mr. Clean perhaps. Shad is not used to hearing no, he's been rich for most of his life. This leads to Shad wants a boy, Shad can't have a boy, Shad hates all boys. Embrace your inner gay and be a man. *pause*

Ackee  – (May 28, 2009 at 4:13 PM)  

OMG I HAVE to get the bow wow gif of him bringin out his inner laquesha

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