Anyway, They Don't Know You Like I Do...

...which is why I'm your only fan that will accept this shit.

Dear Kanye,

it's your biggest fan, Ackee. I love eeeeeverything you do, even when it sucks. But this video? Unacceptable. When I first bought 808's & Heartbreak, i thought it was a great album even when everyone doubted you. I wished you would make a video for every song on the album because I wanted to see the visuals for alllllll of them. When I heard "Paranoid" I was so excited because I knew you wouldn't disappoint. (sigh) But you did. Rihanna's hot and all, but did you really make me sit through almost 4 minutes of Rihanna imagery? I would have watched a Rihanna video if that's what I was looking for. Where's Mr. Hudson? Where are you? Kid Cudi? Amber Rose? GLC? Consequence? Any of them in the video with you would have made sense. But you know what Kanye? I love you anyways and if you like it I love it. But please tell me there's an alternate video :-(. If not, me and you will be talking again. Make it up to me by doing "See You In My Nightmares" , "Street Lights", or "Say You Will". Please and Thanks.

PS. Me love you long time, Yeezy.

Pech!  – (May 27, 2009 at 8:08 PM)  

See, I love Kanye. But seriously, what is this? This was a waste of time. Why is RiRi driving the jetson's hovercraft?? How many times in this video did she look through her long bang? Who allowed this?? I liked the bootleg one on youtube better.

So much lightskinneded side boob.

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