Overly-Friendly People.

I'm a nice girl. I am. I hold doors for people, I smile at people. I work in customer service and people always say I'm so lovely. & I am.

However. There's a time and place for friendliness, and a manner in which it should be shown. A conversation in a public place with a stranger where YOU are clearly the only one talking or interested in the converation, is not one of those times, places, or manners.

I'm all for petty conversation. It's the spice of life. Friendships and relationships are built of random conversations. I totally get it.

But you know the people I'm referring to. Generally middle-aged or older..who turn a comment about the weather into a detailed story about their night terrors and the horrible childhood experience it stemmed from...as you nod, wince and look around for a way out; hoping someone would save you like they do on TV.

But, it never happens. And you have to endure uncomfortable conversations about things you don't care about with someone you don't know and would never care to know in any other context than perhaps a boss or teacher.

Sometimes I just want to say...you know what...

Before I 2-Piece you in the throat.

But I don't, because I'm a nice girl.

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