My Feelings On The Yeezy's

I know people are going to find this hard to believe but I don't really like them. The sloping ankle area is too high. They look well thought out but, I wonder would people buy them if they weren't Kanye's sneaker. Probably not. I would still get them though for two reasons:
1. They were released on my birthday. Clearly sneaker history happens on the day I was born.
2. He's the first non athlete to get his own sneaker released from Nike. That's a major accomplishment.

I don't know about the $708 - $850 (American) price tag though. Simmer your pooch Kanye, just simmer it down.

Ackee  – (May 31, 2009 at 8:17 PM)  

I would cop! buuuuut i'm not feeling the price and they don't come in my size. :(

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