who in the sam hell in Ke$ha?

Look...I'm not trying to get all Sean Carter but SERIOUSLY, with the auto-tune.

So now we have...Ke$ha (that damn dollar sign is stupid, but it's in her name)

This is my beef with her...aside from how OVER Auto-tune Dance-Rock I am...my isssue lies in her ridiculous lyrics of the song Tick Tock
Let's discuss, shall we?

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy
[So, you wake up feeling like trapping people into 10 year contracts? Interesting.]

Grab my glasses, I'm out the door
I'm gonna hit this city

Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack

[Wait...what? Alcohol isn't toothpaste, dude. I'm pretty sure you have gingivitis now.]

Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't coming back
I'm talking - pedicure on our toes, toes
Trying on all our clothes, clothes
Boys blowing up our phones, phones

Drop-topping, playing our favorite cd's
[CD's? yeah welcome to 2003]


Ain't got a care in world, but got plenty of beer
Ain't got no money in my pocket, but I'm already here
And now the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger
But we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger

[This is the main lyric that confuses me. this needs a further breakdown.]
First of all...Mick Jagger looks like this


Don't piss me off

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