Masta Ace, Edo G & shit like that...

This video is absolutely bananas to me. To be honest, I don't mess with Masta Ace too tough (my homie K would be like "AS USUAL", he's convinced I don't know music. I'm convinced he don't know i'll get in that ass)

buuuuut maybe I will now.

Remember when Syndrome was making everyone's video? T-Pain, Black Eyed Peas, Jasmine Sullivan....this made photoshop nerds like me MAD ANGRY. It's moving brushes and good font choices, fuck you.

I'm convinced I should direct videos, I come up with the most detailed treatments because I clearly have nothing else to do with my time. Don't judge me. But seriously, I hear songs and see the entire video back to front. I'll buy a steadicam and make bootleg non-commissioned videos, maybe even rack up a "cease & desist* letter or two. Yes, that's what i'll do.

And you'll watch it and like it.

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