Stunt 101

So I read this blog called 2BitchezDeep, right. And every so often they have this DIY type segment thingy like this:

and the inspiration comes from Miss Allen:

So yesterday while stuck in the hospital with my sick niece and nephew (who have pnemonia, by the way....sad face...=[ ) and I got a little sick too so they forced the mask on me. Sajae suggested that I do my own diy so I said "shiiiiiit, if i'm sick, I might as well stunt. let me tap into my inner Bad Bitch and get all high fashion."

So here's the before:

And the after?:
I had to do it REAL BIG and do it up with more than one label. It's the super exclusive Chanel x Louis Vuitton x Coach face mask. Get it while it's's a different flu season; might as well be fly while you protect yourself from H1N1.

ps. ignore the slightly ashy hand, untamed eyebrow, scarf on head, and weird eyes...I was sick dammit!

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