I'm a new racist I guess....

So today on twitter I found a Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West poll. I voted for Kanye West. "Why?!" is what you're probably asking yourself right now. Well my friends, it's because I agree with WHAT HE SAID, not how he said it or when he said it but WHAT HE SAID.

In taking that poll it posted itself as a new tweet (which maybe I should have read the disclaimer, I didn't so that's my fault) and one person on my list was not impressed by my choice. They asked me if I was in favour of racism because of my choice. I told them No. I agree with what he said. I also told them that 'Ye isn't racist, he's just a pompous asshole.

Is this really what it comes down to? 'Ye does something normal of his character and it gave people free will to call him a nigger all over twitter. I agree with the statement he made and I'M the racist one? Really people?? If this was about race he's not mad at Taylor Swift either way, he's mad at MTV for cheating another black artist. They put up this hype of Gaga vs. Beyonce and then give the award to Taylor Swift. MTV wanted to pull a ting? Well Kanye came with a ting of his own. This is MTV's fault really. Let's not pull the race card. Let's pull the "executive decision to exploite two musicians and pull the old bait and switch and now they created a monster" card.

Good Day.

Anonymous –   – (October 1, 2009 at 12:01 PM)  

Have you even seen Taylor Swift's video? It's actually really good, and creative. Beyoncés video is her and 2 other women in one piece body suit things doing some choregraphy. It's not telling a story. It's not very creative. (Not to say that dancing isn't a form of creativity). It's somewhat predictable. Good music videos consist of the artists depicting their lyrics into a mini film. An example of a great music video = MJ's "You rock my world".

This was never a race issue. So, I agree with you, people shouldn't be calling Kanye a nigger and such, or implying that he's racist.

The fact is...MTV did NOT cheat another black artist. She won VIDEO OF THE YEAR! That clears MTV of being racist/sexist/anything else people are complaining about.

MTV has NEVER honoured a country music star with a VMA...EVER. Taylor is a break through artist, it is her time to shine. She's earned her award and Kanye had no right to take that away from her. He should have expressed his feeling in a more private matter, and to Beyoncé personally, by telling her he thought that she deserved it over Taylor. Would Kanye have done the same thing if Lady Gaga had won? What makes her video any better than Taylor's? Why didn't P!nk win? Or Kelly Clarkson? I don't even want to think of what would have went down if Kelly Clarkson won...

Anyway, yeah. The way Kanye said it, DEPRECIATES what he said. A lot of people lost respect for him that night. I am among those people. Not only was he rude. He was wrong.

NateAnthony  – (October 10, 2009 at 12:41 PM)  

I agree with this fully!
The amount of racism I have seen since that incident was ridiculous...

and people are surprised that he did this...why are you surprised...he was acting himself...the only thing about it was that he brought someone else down with him which he is at fault!

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