Hot people fix things properly

Doesn't that sound elitist? But it's true. Bell Canada almost got cancelled & banned for life after several appointment mess-ups, lates and NO-SHOWS. The 2 assholes who came late offered no apology for being an hour late.

And then they sent *****. What, you think I'd put his name? HA! Get your own tech. I opened the door about to curse, and then I saw a light eyed brown dude. Yup, I shutup real quick. And he fixed more than he was even sent for. He only came for home phone and someone ELSE was supposed to come fix the internet. He got it alllll done AND set up my wireless gateway that NO ONE bothered to show me and over-the-phone tech support didn't know how to set up either.

You saved your company. Bravo, hot tech...Bravo.

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