Missed Connections...

are stupid. Why would you assume that this person reads craiglist? You'll never meet or see them again, take the L and move on. Furthermore, I wouldn't be impressed by the fact that someone remembers exactly what I was wearing on a particular day enough to write about it and describe it in detail. You're a creeper.

Ol, hidin in the bushes, eyes peerin out from the dark lookin ass creeper.

The worst ones are the vague ones that could be ANYONE within the general vicinity of where you're talking about at that time.

For example:

It was around 6p.m. when I saw you at the registration office. You were totally cute and we noticed each other 3 times but I was kinda shy to spark up a conversation. Hope you read this. When replying, tell me what I was wearing?

Take care

WHAT. THE. FUCK. is that? Registration Office? Was it the Janitor? He won't read this. Take the L.

Ackee  – (May 27, 2009 at 7:06 PM)  

you know they're talking about you right?

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