"Life is Not an Island"

So, I gotta say, I'm not into "The Hills" at alllllll. I stopped watching it when I realized how fake it is and also when I realized I can't be watching these rich ass girls around my age deal with what seems to be petty ass problems. My biggest beef was always with Lauren because she would always get mad for dumb shit. I understand what Spencer (and Heidi?) did was wrong, but this girl took it to a whole 'nother level. You would think they stole her first child or something. I know people are different; some will hold grudges for a lifetime and others just don't care and let things slide or let it go. I am the latter; I just don't care to hold grudges against people which is probably why I'm amazed when I see or hear of people doing it. But I digress...
So today I'm watching "The Hills" marathon because there's nothing else on TV and just when I was ready to change the channel good ol' Lauren comes and drops some serious knowledge on the soon to be Mrs. Pratt. Here's the gist of what she says (my summary of what she says is completely off, so peep the video below @ 1:40):

"I remember when i was with Jason and he was the centre of my universe and we always just wanted to get away and be on an island by ourselves. But then I realized that life is not an island, Heidi; you can't isolate yourself from everyone because of the person you're with...."

She goes on to say other things that are wise to add to this. When she said it she had me stunned for like 20 mins. I don't know why I've been oooonnnnnn this, but I guess because it's so true. It's also probably because I've been in this situation before where I had realized and felt that I had become a partial island because I was slipping away from friends, family and myself. Thankfully I had met someone that saved me from that situation, and when I look back I'm almost mad at myself for ever letting it happen. I've never really experienced this with my friends (and I'm so glad that they know better) but I hope it never happens to everyone because you WILL begin to lose a sense of youself. Love is beautiful, but don't let it take over you or your life. But I guess this applies to everything in your life; work/jobs, school, addictions (whatever your kryptonite is, if that's what you're in to lol), people, etc.

Sorry to be all Debbie Downer, but what Lauren said was one of the most insightful things I've heard in a while.
Lauren, girrrrrllll, you are good in my books now.

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